Our experience demonstrates time-and-again that one of the greatest planning oversights by owners and their consultants is the failure to anticipate and to secure necessary owner’s protections in the contractor’s project schedule’s planning and maintenance. This hindsight comes clearly into focus when we receive service inquiries from distressed owners or their consultants whose projects have suffered significant delays and ownership has concluded the contractor has lost control of the project schedule.

In these instances, obstacles to address the contractor’s schedule deficiencies begin when our thorough analysis report examining the schedule’s constructability, level of detail, sequencing and collateral issues is presented to the contractor. Invariably, the contractor’s initial rebuttal rarely addresses schedule deficiencies but rather hinges on the parties executed agreement terms where schedule management has been unintuitively drafted as a one-way transaction in which the contractor submits its monthly schedule along with its pay application to the owner, but where the owner/CM has no contractual recourse to reject the schedule or to require the contractor to revise and resubmit. We know how to handle these situations and others to engender the contractor’s schedule realignment but contractual deficiencies play a part in getting to this juncture in the first place. If you’re thinking about recovery schedules contract clauses that instruct the contractor to resubmit its schedule should it publish a delay to the project’s completion beyond a designated contractual benchmark think again. We’ve seen schedule submissions that post unachievable earlier completion targets precisely to avoid such resubmissions and more commonly schedule delays that simply couldn’t be mitigated back inside the contractual benchmark with the contractor’s recovery efforts.

Owner’s Schedule Oversight Services

Spectrum’s owner’s schedule oversight services factor that controlling schedule management for better project outcomes requires a holistic approach that begins adequately prior to the distribution of contractors’ RFP packages. We work with the ownership team to:

Draft an Appropriate Schedule Management Criteria

Draft a scheduling specification for contractors’ RFP bid packages to prepare contractors for owner’s requirements in schedule management. The key is in striking a balance that engineers schedule control tailored to the project’s size and complexity and that is simultaneously not too cumbersome for the contractor to execute.

Analyze Contractor Schedule Submissions

Analyze the awarded contractor’s schedule development submissions for comprehensiveness, constructability and technical integrity and advise the ownership team when the schedule is fit for acceptance as the project’s baseline.

Walk Projects for Independent Monitoring

Walk the project monthly in advance of contractor’s schedule submission and status the project’s tasks from photos and videos captured in the field. Review the contractor’s monthly schedule submission for accuracy and technical integrity and produce a monthly report with contactor calls to action, items for monitoring and forecasted completion.

Analyze and Respond to Claims for Time Extensions

Examine and respond to notices of claims brought by contractor for additional time and compensation in memorialized reports.

Create and Maintain Project Delays Instruments

Create and maintain a summary delay exhibit that chronicles and communicates to stakeholders the iterative changes in delays to the project’s completion from one schedule update to the next.

Our experience indicates owners are too often handicapped not only by insufficient scheduling analysis and defense throughout the course of construction but also by the lack of foresight to the requirement for the above criteria to guard their interests. We partner with owners, their real estate advisors, legal counsel, construction managers and A/Es to furnish the necessary scheduling controls and oversight to protect owners and to promote better project outcomes.

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