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General Contractors

Whether we’re supporting our GC project management teams with project planning, routine schedule maintenance, pull planning or schedule change management our state-of-the art methods and tools are engineered for team collaboration, stakeholder visibility and benchmarked key performance indicators to guide the team to plan the job correctly, make it easier for subcontractors to follow the schedule, avert schedule delays, and to seize opportunities for better project outcomes. Throughout the project’s planning and execution we’re vested in your success.

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Owners CMs & CREs

Advising our owner clients and their trusted representatives in framing the necessary criteria to secure owner’s rights in the general contractor’s construction schedule’s development and maintenance is a key prerequisite to position the project for success. When this criteria is established, we proceed to analyze contractor baseline schedule submissions for scope comprehensiveness, sequenced constructability, assigned durations and a host of other schedule-related issues to ensure the contractor devised schedule satisfies owner’s concerns and is fit for acceptance. We continue to review contractor monthly schedule submissions for status accuracy, production trends, critical path forecasted completions and the merit basis for contractor’s requests for time extensions on the basis of schedule analysis. Having a scheduling expert in your corner will promote the production of better project schedules and will protect owners and their advisors from contractor’s unwarranted claims for added time and compensation.

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Legal Counsel & A/Es

Construction contract attorneys are often charged with the daunting task of drafting agreements that both address the multifaceted aspects of project management and simultaneously protect their clients from undue exposure. Our review of the majority of executed owner/contractor agreements frequently indicate a lack of incorporated owner protections in contractor’s schedule development and maintenance that frequently engender flawed and underdeveloped schedules that are maintained by resources that are less-than proficient at presiding over the designated schedule management tool. Whether utilizing AIA or custom templated contract documents we assist owner’s legal counsel in engineering and drafting the necessary schedule management criteria to protect owners and to foster better project outcomes.

AIA contract documents often designate the A/E as the arbitrator of first resort prompting it to render decisions on a host of project disputes prior to initiating of the contract drafted formal dispute resolution protocol. Schedule impact disputes are among the most common A/Es are asked to contend with and as forensic schedule analysis is not a core competence typically found in design firms the task is often understandably obscure, cumbersome and labor intensive to A/Es. By delegating the task to schedule forensic experts our A/Es are able to both fulfill their contractual duty and to allocate their time to their true core competencies.